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    Canadian Mortgage Rates – Understanding the Dynamics

    Canada housing industry reports a great degree of volatility. Home buyers need to understand the trends and the best mortgage rates in order to land on the best mortgage home purchase deals. The Mortgage Division helps you understand the dynamics of Canadian mortgage rates. We help you make an enlightened decision.

    Understanding the Factors Governing Interest Rates of Canadian Mortgage

    There have been a few changes since 2008 with regard to the rules pertaining to the Canadian government backed mortgages. The most important being the reduction in amortization period and increase in the minimum down payment. Further in 2012, the ‘Bank Regulator’ brought in a new guideline proposing the requirements for prudent mortgage lending i.e. amount that can be lent out by banks through the home equity line of credit. These changes have significantly reduced the number of Canadians qualifying for home loans.

    With the change in the regulatory environment, getting a government backed mortgage loan has become tougher. Several banks have continued offering highly competitive range of mortgage products to Canadians.

    How New Changes Affect Canadian Home Buyer

    The scenario has however made a number of Canadians turn to private money lenders for their home buying needs. While most of the regulatory changes in the Canada housing market has made a number of first time home buyers wait longer to get a mortgage home loan, private money lenders have been alluring an increasing number of Canadian home buyers.

    A large number of private mortgage companies claim that they give the lowest mortgage rates in the country. A number of advantages including easy to qualify convenience and flexible lending options have allured home buyers to approach private money lenders.

    Toronto Home Buyers – A Look at the Options Available

    Toronto home buyers have access to suitable mortgage rates in Canada. The Mortgage Division offers the lowest ever mortgage rate in the region with 120 days rate hold. In most of the cases, the prepayment is 20% annually and 20% monthly.

    Toronto Home buyers can get the best mortgage rates Toronto from a number of private money lenders.

  • With regard to mortgage loans, we can negotiate for you the best possible rate in the market with 120 days rate hold.

  • In case of variable mortgage loans, we can typically get you rates below the bank of canada prime rates with 120 days rate hold.

  • Call 416-621-7501 and consult mortgage plans and interest rates with our expert mortgage brokers.

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