How Can You Contact Your Mortgage Agent & Broker?

  Different Ways To Speak With Your Mortgage Lender These days, we now rely on our devices more than anything. Luckily, because of this, we do not necessarily need to see the client in person. This has benefited us tremendously in the last 2 years where it has been extremely difficult to have meeting in person. Clients may feel hesitant and uncertain if there is no communication. Aside from phones and emails, these are other methods such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, DocuSign, and more that can help us complete the mortgage deal from start to finish while still providing the utmost service to our clients. We let you select the best way for you to interact with us in order to manage your mortgage needs. It is critical to remember that the communication methods you choose are effective and efficient for both sides. If you have any questions on different ways to speak with your mortgage agent/broker, please give us a call to speak with one of our mortgage specialists at (416)621-7501.