Top 4 Reasons Whether to For Home Mortgage Refinance Or Not


Sep 02 2016

Refinance Mortgage Or Not

Deciding whether you should go for a home mortgage refinance is tough for any homeowner. With the interest rates fluctuating constantly, timing the refinance of your mortgage might be an uphill task.

There are various factors which govern whether you should consider refinance of your home mortgage or not. Some of them are:

  • Interest Rate – Analyse if the current market is offering you a rate lower than your current rate. If your current interest rate is close or as good as the rate that you can get, there is no point going for a refinance unless there are other valid reasons. For considering refinance, you should at least get a waiver of full one percent in your interest rate if that’s the main reason of refinance.
  • Relocation – Signing up for a home mortgage refinance has some associated fees. Hence, you must work out with your family as how long do you wish to live in that house. If you intend to relocate in a few years, spending money for getting a lower interest rate might not be a good move. Generally, it takes at least two to three years for the associated fees of a refinance to come at par with the monthly savings that it will generate for you.
  • Mortgage Terms – Converting your adjustable rate mortgage into a loan with fixed term or even reducing your loan term from 30 years to 15 years can also be a great reason to get your home mortgage refinanced. With the help of low interest rates, you easily get a mortgage with a lesser term with absolutely no increase in monthly payments. This can ultimately help you save a whole lot of money during the term of your loan.
  • Tap into Equity –You can also go for a new home mortgage in order to access the equity present in your home so as to finance a major expense or purchase. Using the home equity is a fantastic way for accessing the needed money, regardless of what the reason maybe. The interest is tax deductible plus the interest rates are much lower as compared to other types of financing.

It’s always a good measure to address the important issues in advance so that you stand prepared when the interest rate looks appealing for your home mortgage refinance. If the above reasons apply to you, then you can consult lenders who can get you the best mortgage rates in Mississauga.

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