How To Create A Budget For The Holidays With the holiday season right around the corner, comes the holiday shopping and high credit card statements. Why not rely on a budget to keep your finances on track this season? It is always best to plan ahead as much as you possibly can when it comes to your finances. Creating a budget before the season begins will help reduce tensions while you do your holiday shopping. An approach you can start today to assist you is by creating a new savings category in your spending plan dedicated to the season. Setting aside a set amount that will come out of each paycheck will help alleviate the stress of your holiday spending. Because you’ve set aside the money in advance, you know how much you are able to spend. Creating a set list of who you’ll be buying gifts for, and how much you plan on spending. For more finance tips towards applying for a mortgage please give us a call today to speak with one of our mortgage specialists at 416-621-7501.